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Snakebyte unveils first Nintendo Switch accessories at CES

The Nintendo Switch isn’t out yet, but companies are already thinking ahead to what players will need when they are gaming on the go. Your console will be safe and secure when docked and next to your TV, but what about out in the wild? Consumer electronics company Snakebyte is the first to offer a range of accessories exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

To get you started, the Nintendo Switch Starter Kit features an entire pack of goodies. You’ll find a carrying bag for the console, as well as a cleaning cloth to wipe down the screen and a set of stereo earbuds. The kit also includes equipment to keep your Switch safe from nicks and scratches with a screen protector, control caps and even cases for the Switch’s cartridge-based games.

If you are looking for a more comfortable way to keep your gaming on quiet side, try the Nintendo Switch Foldable Headset. This special set of headphones can be, as the name implies, compactly folded for traveling. The headset features 40mm drivers for what Snakebyte promises to be “crisp, clear gaming audio.”

Switch accessories aren’t all that Snakebyte is bringing to the table, however. The company also introduced two products for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Though you can’t take this reimagined classic system on the go as you can the Switch, you can greatly extend your play area with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition Gamepad Extension Cable, which adds a whopping 9.8 feet to the comparatively short existing cable. You can also place the NES Classic itself in a better location with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition Power Adaptor, which allows you to plug the USB cord of the NES Classic into any regular power outlet.

This new range of Snakebyte products was unveiled at the CES 2017. The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release in March, and the Snakebyte accessories are similarly expected to release in spring.  Click here to stay up-to-date on all the latest Nintendo Switch offers on