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Injustice 2: New villains we want to see added to the roster

A fighting game’s success can often hinge on its cast of characters. Having too few, too many, or the wrong balance of types could spell doom for even the most established franchise. Luckily, Injustice is drawing from the annals of the DC Universe, whose cadre of heroes and villains (not to be confused with the actual DCU villain group The Cadre) could fill a dozen games easily. With NetherRealm carefully constructing the cast as we speak, here are six villains and six heroes we’d love to see make the roster cut for Injustice 2.

Captain Cold – First appearing in Showcase #8 back in 1957, Captain Cold is one of The Flash’s oldest and most prominent villains. A founding member of the Rogues, Leonard Snart always finds a way to escape even the worst situations. He’s a master tactician, and when equipped with his patented cold gun, few men are deadlier in Central City. Since it’s unlikely Killer Frost will return from the first game, the Captain makes perfect sense as the new cold spewing villain on the roster. Plus, Ed Boon already teased him in his Twitter poll that led to the reveal of Blue Beetle, and it’ll make a nice tie-in to the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow TV series when it comes time for alternate costumes.

Heat Wave – If you’re going to have ice, you might as well have some fire to melt it. Another classic Flash villain, Heat Wave first appeared in Flash #140 in 1963 and could prove another strong projectile based villain. Mick Rory flies off the handle a lot more easily than the chilled-out Captain, his pyrotechnics a perfect metaphor for his fiery personality and demeanor. Whereas Captain Cold has an ice gun, Heat Wave has a miniature flamethrower, but if you want to avoid the obvious skin swap comparisons, you could go with the New 52 version of Mick that has pyrokinesis — the ability to create fire with his mind.

Scarecrow – One of DC Comics’ oldest villains, Dr. Jonathan Crane has been a thorn in Batman’s side since 1941 when he showed up in World’s Finest Comics #3. His attempts to bring out Batman’s greatest fears has only ever resulted in his becoming afraid of Bats. Don’t underestimate the good doctor, though. Recent iterations have made his Fear Toxin even more deadly, and with the Arkham games’ addition of a needle-clawed hand for easy administering of stronger doses, the Scarecrow lives up to the nickname, “The Master of Fear.” Scarecrow already made a brief cameo in the first Injustice, like Gorilla Grodd, who has already been announced. A more pronounced appearance could make sense as his various fear devices could make him an effective zoning character.

Parasite – Although there have been three Parasites over the years in the DCU, the most popular was Rudy Jones, a lowly janitor tricked by Darkseid into exposing himself to dangerous chemicals in 1987’s Firestorm #58. This Parasite would fight Firestorm for only a brief time before becoming a nemesis of Superman, much like the original had decades earlier. He’d be perfect our proposed Injustice 2 Parasite. The Parasite is best known for his ability to steal the powers and energy of those he comes into contact with. A unique character, Parasite could potentially grow stronger the more he fights an opponent (as if he was adding their power to his own), and even add some of their lifebar to his own during his special.

Clayface – For a shape-shifter, sort of filling the role of Shang Tsung in Injustice, look no further than the disgraced actor Basil Karlo, aka Clayface, who first appeared in June 1940’s Detective Comics #40. Almost a dozen different characters have been dubbed “Clayface” over the decades, but none were as menacing or as widely regarded as Karlo. His penchant for killing is only matched by his insanity the result of taking on so many “roles” over the years. Besides offering a fun shape-shifting character, Clayface’s main form could also take the role of tank, along the lines of Bane or Doomsday from the first Injustice, should neither of those characters return.

Darkseid – We don’t know much about the Injustice 2 story, but what we do know points to one of the DCU’s greatest threats. Few cast a longer shadow of evil than Darkseid, who first appeared in Forever People #1 in February 1971. Arguably Superman’s greatest foe, the New God Darkseid matches the Man of Steel in strength, far surpasses him in acumen and can shoot deadly Omega Beams from his eyes that somehow sent Batman back in time (don’t ask). Another potential tank character, Darkseid already had a cameo in the first Injustice, much like Gorilla Grodd, and was featured in the iOS version of the first game, much like already announced character Deadshot. If either of those are harbingers of things to come for the rest of the roster, we’d be shocked not to see Darkseid in Injustice 2.