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Everything you need to know about Mario Party: Star Rush’s game modes


Since Mario Party’s introduction nearly 20 years ago, the series has brought friends and families countless hours of entertainment with head-to-head board games, centered around a wide variety of bite-sized competitive challenges. Now, Mario Party: Star Rush promises to bring that excitement to the Nintendo 3DS once again. And, this time, it’s sporting a whole host of new game modes along with it.


Toad Scramble

The first of Star Rush’s new modes offers an interesting twist on the old Mario Party rulebook. One to four competitors play as Toads, all playing at the same time, racing around a variety of worlds, trying to snag stars from bosses through a selection of minigames. Along the way, you’ll recruit familiar faces like Mario, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach to help you get the upper hand — and hopefully secure victory.


Pick your favorite Mario character and face off in Coinathalon, collecting coins to progress around the gameboard, racing your competitors to the finish line. The action is fast and frenetic, as competitors simultaneously try their best in single-player minigames such as taking out Shy Guys paintball-style, cannoning Goombas and surfing down a halfpipe on a leaf-board. You won’t just have your human enemies to worry about, however, as Bowser himself will stop by at times to try to thwart your success.


Mario Shuffle

In Mario Shuffle, two players battle in a board game that mixes skill and luck. Each side picks three characters, and your team must make it across the board to your opponent’s side before their pieces reach yours. Along the way, you’ll run into a selection of spaces that’ll either help speed your process or send you backward. And, if you want to add some extra personality to your battle, you can scan the Boo, Bowser, or Bowser Jr. amiibo to play as those characters.

Rhythm Recital

Want something a little less competitive and more cooperative to enjoy? Then Rhythm Recital is for you, as classic characters bust out their favorite instruments and rock along to a selection of beloved Mario music, hitting the notes in time to the music. To add a special extra track to Rhythm Recital, tap the Dr. Mario amiibo to the New Nintendo 3DS or 3DS NFC Reader.


Boo’s Block Party

Mario Party: Star Rush isn’t just about competing in minigames board game-style. Boo’s Block Party harkens back to classic puzzle games, as you try your best to clear rows of blocks by matching the numbers on them. If you’re playing against an opponent, the more blocks you break, the more pieces you’ll send over to their screen to jam them up. If you own the Boo amiibo, you can even unlock a special Boo-themed skin for the game.

Challenge Tower

Need another break from the board games? Go solo and face off against the Challenge Tower, a colossal structure that dares you to reach its top. Scale its side space-by-space, but be careful with each move that you make, as the hidden Amps can send you crashing back down to the bottom. However, there is a safety net: by tapping a compatible amiibo, you can continue climbing should you fall.


Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo, Nd Cube

Platforms: 3DS


Release Date: 11.04.16