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CES 2013 Day 4 review: the round up

 ▪  Day 4 took us to the North Hall and the show within show iLounge, as in everything specifically designed for your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Headphones No celebrity headphones here but plenty of potential to be seen. Endless manufacturers with names that…

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CES 2013 Day 3 Review: Fit and Fun

 ▪  Fitness: Fit for all Fitbit made a biggish announcement today regarding a new online software package. Already pretty well known as the (arguably) more social and family-friendly version of the Nike Fuelband, the Fitbit uses a tiny sensor to track any kind…

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CES 2013 Day 3 Review: the round up

 ▪  Took a trip MommyTech and Kids@Play sections today to get a look at a few electronics that might be classed as toys and a few do-hickeys and thingamajigs that might make you go, “Brilliant!” Kids’ tablets     Of course,…

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CES 2013 Day 2 review: the quick round up

 ▪    Apple iPad Mini with 3G/4G connectivity. So badly needed and couldn’t come soon enough. So many consumers thought that the proliferation of WiFi would be so great by now but oh, how wrong we were. Consumers are demanding uninterrupted access…

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CES 2013 Day 2 review: celebrities

 ▪  Guess who we ran into when we trying to squeeze by the crowd at the Monster (audio) booth on Tuesday? Tyson Beckford. I totally forgot to ask him about what it’s like to work with the great Ben Stiller and the always…

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CES 2013 Day 1 review: One Laptop Per Child premiere XO Learning and XO Tablet

 ▪  Quick update for your child’s future. More than a few us allow our children to play with our precious iPad or similar tablet PC. Manufacturers have recognized this and are putting out innovative products like the Nabi, the InnoTab, and…

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