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Why buy wearable technology for kids?

With wearables becoming one of tech’s top trends, it was only a matter of time before businesses addressed a much younger demographic. But are these wearables the real deal or are they just gimmicks? The technology is still too new to give a definitive answer, but the products coming out look legit. See for yourself…

LeapFrog LeapBand (available August 2014)LeapBandBlogPic
A trusted maker of kids’ electronics, LeapFrog’s LeapBand is wrist-wearable and designed for children ages 4-7. It helps keep kids moving by giving commands like “wiggle like a worm” or “pop like popcorn.” Reward points are earned and can be redeemed for virtual pets like a cat, dog or unicorn. And parents will love that the LeapBand allows them to select certain physical activities and monitor those movements from a website or app. It makes fitness fun for kids, which is important in a day where childhood obesity is a prime public health issue.

Sproutling monitor (coming soon)SproutlingBlogPic
Worrisome parents of newborns can breathe a sigh of relief. Sproutling has developed a wearable ankle band that analyzes both your baby and their environment — from heart rate, skin temperature and movement, to the room’s ambient temperature, humidity and light levels. And, based on collected data, the band can predict when little ones will wake up from a nap within mere minutes. Parents may even receive a tailored tip via a push notification recommending they put baby to bed 20 minutes later if the child hasn’t been sleeping well. And those concerned about the band’s comfort factor should take solace in knowing that it was uniquely designed with a super-soft material and exerts a very subtle amount of pressure. Additionally, the strap is cleanable and even replaceable in case of the inevitable accident.

FiLIP (out in the market)FiLIPBlogPic
Designed to keep kids and parents connected on any adventure, FiLIP is a smart locator and colorful wristwatch phone all in one. Kids can call up to five pre-programmed numbers with a simple touch of a button, and, transversely, calls can be made to any of those five numbers. What’s more, the smart locator feature allows parents to see their child’s precise location on a map. And if that wasn’t enough, another cool FiLIP feature is a SafeZone, which is a virtual radius around a preset location. When a zone is set, a push notification will be sent to the parent’s smartphone when FiLIP detects that the child has crossed into or out of the SafeZone. Pretty cool, huh?