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What is “Connected Life”, anyway?

You may have heard some of these terms: connected life, digital life, connected home, smart home, home automation, the Internet of Things…  what does it all really mean to you?  Our goal here is to help you figure that out, in a simple way, from a solutions-based perspective rather than tech-talk.  When it comes down to it, technology should support us, helping to make our lives better, with more convenience – and save us money and time (sound vaguely familiar coming from Walmart? :)).  Unfortunately we often end up a slave to technology instead.

Here’s what we’re hoping to provide:

  • solutions for common problems of modern life, using technology
  • news in plain English about some cool new technology that will help you save money and live better
  • the information you need to make a good choice about the right products and solutions for your specific needs
  • some basic how-tos to help you install and get things working yourself
  • inspiration!
  • some fun things related to all this new-fangled stuff

Let us know if we’re hitting the mark, or if you have a specific problem you’d like us to help provide a recommendation to solve.  Onward into the future!!