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Top five reasons to get a fitness tracker

Sometimes it is difficult to get started on the path of a healthier lifestyle and to know what that looks like. How much should I eat? How does exercise help? How does sleep fit in to all this? Setting up and meeting goals such as being aware of what you eat, eating healthier foods, sleeping better, and getting more physical activity is easier using something like the Fitbit, or Jawbone Up, which both include a food diary, sleep cycle tracker, and activity journal. One of these portable, wireless activity trackers can be your personal electronic friend when trying to reach your fitness goals, and connecting it to your computer or supported mobile devices allows up-to-the-minute tracking of your health statistics.

Staying motivated can be a challenge, but with an activity tracker, you can connect & share with other people doing what you do, encouraging you to succeed and continue your fitness journey. If you are having a bad day, it helps to know that someone else is in the same boat. You can also encourage others having trouble meeting their fitness and diet goals.

The fitness portion allows you to count steps, stairs, and distance traveled. But the Fitbit or Jawbone Up also tracks your food intake and calculates calories burned. It measures and evaluates your sleep cycles. It can also be set to wake you.

Devices like the Fitbit—which you wear on your belt/waistband or brastrap—or the Jawbone Up—which you wear around your wrist—come in several colors so you don’t have to sacrifice style for fitness.

So, why should you get a fitness tracker?

  1. Simple tracking of diet, fitness, and sleep, which are key elements of staying healthy.
  2. Connectivity to computer or mobile device to enable charting your progress.
  3. Ability to connect to other users with the same goals to stay motivated.
  4. Earn badges, share results and compete with others.
  5. The ultimate result: feeling better and saving money on doctor’s visits.

Many people are trying to get and stay healthy, but doing this on your own can be difficult. Health professionals suggest tracking your diet and fitness activities to help you stay aware of what you eat and the calories you burn. You are more likely to stay on track if you get help, and you need something easy to fit it all together. Busy lifestyles today make it harder to track what we are doing, but one of these activity trackers combined with your smartphone makes health tracking easier and more accessible.