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Nvidia brings GeForce game streaming to PCs, Macs

Nvidia is amping up its GeForce brand with the announcement at CES 2017 of GeForce Now streaming for both Mac and PC. Although the GeForce Now service isn’t new, the service’s expansion to support computers is.

Previously, GeForce Now was only supported by Nvidia’s Shield gaming platforms, but now PC and Mac users can join in on the high-end gaming with the on-demand, cloud-based streaming service. GeForce Now will load up a virtual desktop that operates a wide selection of games through gaming clients such as Steam and Uplay, accessed with players’ own IDs. Game saves will be uploaded to the cloud.

The service, while impressive, demands quite the financial commitment. For $25, gamers can enjoy 20 hours of play on a GTX 1060 PC or 10 Hours on a GTX 1080. This is an extremely steep asking price, considering how long it takes to complete many modern games. It remains to be seen if gamers will be willing to throw down so much dough when the service launches in early access in March.

Nvidia also announced a new Shield unit, but recent information has revealed that this model is nearly identical to the old one. The internal hardware for the new system is the same, with the only difference being its 4K capabilities. For fans looking for this feature, the new system launches in January 2017.