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Microsoft powers up new Xbox One controller with Bluetooth



While the newly reworked Xbox One controller boasts many impressive features, the best — by far — is the ability to connect to your Bluetooth devices without the need of a dongle.

That’s right gamers, you now will be able to connect to everything from a top-end Windows 10 gaming desktop to Surface Pro tablets without the need of the Xbox One dongle. The magic behind all of this? The new Xbox One controller not only connects via WiFi Direct (to older Xbox Ones), but it can also pair up using Bluetooth. That means you can look forward to playing all your favorite PC games without having to worry about cords knocking over your favorite drink.

Don’t worry if your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, however, you’ll still be able to use a dongle to take advantage of the other refinements to the controller.

The new Xbox One controllers come with the upcoming Xbox One S — a smaller, more powerful version of the console — or can be purchased separately. Click here to find out how to get yours!