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New game modes and maps revealed for Battlefield 1 (get the details here)


Three new modes and four maps have been unveiled for EA’s upcoming World War I first-person shooter Battlefield 1.

Several of the modes will tread on territory familiar to Battlefield fans, including a 64-player Conquest mode that tasks players to combat each other for specific objectives and Domination mode that sets the scales of war between teams of infantry-only that is smaller in scope than conquest.


The latest chapter of the Battlefield franchise will also introduce an all-new game mode called Operations. This mode features a series of interconnected battles that pits a team of attackers against a team of defenders trying to take and hold territory, forcing one side to regroup on a new map.


The new maps include Amiens, set in the French city o fthe same name during the German spring offensive. Also revealed was the St. Quentin Scar that took place in a battlefield in Northern France. EA DICE also announced Empire’s Edge, set on the Mediterranean coast of Italy and lastly, Monte Grappa, a map that is centered in the skies over the Austro Hungarian empire.

All of these modes will take place within Battlefield 1‘s enhanced game engine, with the first multiplayer action shown for the first time at the EA Play conference at E3. Check out the action for yourself in the video below:


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