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Logitech Wireless G602: Finally, a wireless mouse that really competes

l-g602-heroHistorically, wireless gaming mice have never matched the performance of their wired counterparts. In any competitive environment, the slightest lag can cost a player the match. Additionally, any interference can interrupt your game as surely as a dropped internet connection or the dreaded blue-screen of death.

With its G602, Logitech has an answer for all players who have been anxiously waiting for a competitive wireless mouse that minimizes those problems.


The G602 connects to your PC via Logitech’s proprietary G-Series receiver. A more advanced version of the traditional 2.4GHz connection, the G-Series technology has managed to all but eliminate connectivity issues.

Once connected, gamers will appreciate the G602’s feel. The full-size mouse feels solid and sturdy, with plenty of room for your hand and a nice space on the left to rest your thumb on. Unfortunately, this mouse is strictly a right-handed affair, given the shape and positioning of the buttons, so lefties must look elsewhere.


In addition to the left and right mouse buttons, two more on the left edge allow the user to quickly change the tracking DPI. Six buttons above the thumb rest feature just the right shape and positioning to easily tell them apart without looking.

The mouse comes with intuitive software that allows players to program those buttons — for common functions, such as F-Key presses, or macros — and save configurations for multiple games.


The G602 uses Logitech’s Delta Zero sensor, and players can vary the tracking from 250 to 2,500 DPI. You can even save up to five DPI settings to swap between them quickly. While it’s true that some other mice can track an even higher DPI, going beyond 2,500 won’t be necessary for most gamers.

From a power standpoint, the mouse uses two AA batteries which yield about 250 hours of game time. In a nice touch, the mouse will work with a single battery for about half that time, in case you find yourself a battery short and need to keep playing.


It’s disappointing that the G602 doesn’t offer an option to plug in a USB cable for a wired connection in a pinch, but it shouldn’t be a problem for player who plan ahead.

As far as performance, the G602 operates as advertised. In playing RPGs (including World of Warcraft), MOBAs and strategy games, I experienced no lag or latency. With a number of shooters, the mouse tested well, with a minor amount of latency on rare occasions. None of it was serious enough to markedly affect gameplay.

Overall, the Logitech G602 proves it’s possible to create a wireless gaming mouse that can keep players competitive without literally tying them to their computers.


  • Very responsive with little to no lag
  • Comfortable with all buttons easily accessible
  • Adjustable DPI allows fine tuning for all types of games


  • Design is strictly for right-handed gamers
  • No option to attach a UPS cable for when batteries die