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4 simple ways to extend your smartphone battery life

In this ever-connected world, in which your smartphone is the remote control to your entire life, there’s nothing worse than finding your battery is out of juice. Unlike traditional cellphones, smartphones have a host of features they must power even when you’re not using the phone. While you might never be able to get your smartphone’s battery to last as long as the one in your traditional cellphone, there are a few simple ways to extend its battery life so you won’t be caught disconnected.

Adjust the Screen Brightness

Today’s smartphones have displays that are large, colorful, and bright. However, that brightness comes at the expense of your battery. Adjusting the brightness of your screen to the lowest level you can comfortably tolerate will dramatically extend the life of your battery. Most smartphones also have an automatic setting that will dim or brighten the screen depending on the ambient lighting conditions where you are, and turning that setting on will also help increase the life of your smartphone’s battery.

Turn Your Bluetooth Setting Off

If your smartphone has Bluetooth capabilities, and most do, your phone is constantly monitoring the audio signals around you. You might find it convenient to use when you’re in your car or streaming music from another Bluetooth device, but it’s eating up your battery even when you aren’t using it. Turn off your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting when you don’t need it, and you can add at least 1 hour or more to your smartphone’s battery life.

Shorten the Timeout Setting

Most smartphones have a setting that puts it in timeout or sleep when the phone hasn’t been used for a period of time, putting very little drain on your battery. Set your timeout or sleep setting to the shortest amount of time you can without it putting an undue burden on your phone usage, and you’ll find your battery lasts a bit longer. Most Android smartphones allow the setting to be as little as 15 seconds, while the iPhone’s minimum setting is 1 minute.

Use Ringtones

Many smartphone users prefer to have their phones vibrate rather than having an audio ringtone, especially when they’re at the office or at a social engagement. Unfortunately, the vibrate function drains a significantly higher amount of battery power than a simple ringtone does. Get into the habit of turning vibrate off on your cellphone when it’s not absolutely necessary, and you’ll reap the reward of a longer time between battery charges.

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