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CES: Wearables roundup


LG’s Life Band Touch

When thinking of wearables you might start by realizing there’s more than a few types of wearable technology categories and applications. Fitness, computing, communication, and medical are a few that warrant further discussion. This post will focus on fitness wearables, but we’ll get into the others soon enough. Here are just a few examples of the vast array of technology you’ll be wearing as soon as next month.


Reebok’s wearable tech measures impact to the head and helps identify potential concussions.

These fit tech toys are probably most epitomized by two major players. First, there’s Fitbit who’ve created a cult-like following with their family friendly Fitbit Force band that is known to not only count your every nod as an activity that burned a few calories but also measure the quality of your sleep. Or perhaps you’ve heard of a little start-up known as Nike and their not quite revolutionary Fuelband which pairs with your devices to motivate to work just a little bit harder like the top-tier athletes you see wearing the product.

With the explosion of this market, brands old and new are having to bring their A-game to the courts in order even remain in the competition in this nonstop fitness wearables’ market. Jawbone, LG, and Garmin have all added greater functionality that includes tethering to your smartphone, to their 

respective lines while hot new-comers to the category include an “elegant” wearable that tracks exposure to the sun, shoes with built-in GPS, headbands that measure core temperature, and earphones that track heart rate, body temperature, and steps.


With so many players in this space, how do you choose? Each piece of hardware has its own app for your smartphone or desktop and none seem to work nicely together. Perhaps the solution will lie not with the hardware but with creating one central app that aggregates all your data in one place. Leave your thoughts in the comments…


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