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About Walmart’s Geeks + Gadgets

Walmart’s Geeks + Gadgets is an official Walmart blog authored by Associates (a.k.a. “employees” to most non-Walmartians) and other experts.  We share timely news, tips and solutions about electronics, new trends in technology (everything from wearables to 3D printing to robotics) and entertainment, and help you stay connected to all the things that matter to you – whether that’s your family, friends, pets or your favorite movies, TV & videogames.

We’ll help you find smart solutions for a connected life to make your life better, easier and save you money while doing it.  Not just your smartphone, tablet & TV, but also things like home video monitoring systems, wearable health & fitness monitors, smart thermostats, videogame consoles and whatever comes next. We’re experts – let us help you sort through all the noise and find the right tech for you.

Walmart’s Geeks+Gadgets also covers tech and entertainment events, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) and Comic Con. Beyond insight into what’s trending and brands to watch, we deliver tech news and knowledge from the perspective of the budget-minded and time-crunched. But, just like you, we dream big. See how technology continues to change the way we work, play, and live.

Walmart’s Geeks+Gadgets shows you how to make it work for you. Save money. Live better, through technology.


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