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Challenge your friends with these top Madden NFL 17 sleeper teams

 ▪  Five teams poised to surprise in Madden NFL 17, according to a tweet from EA’s official Madden Twitter account. The tweet cites YouTuber ZFarls’ list of the top five “sleeper” teams in Madden NFL 17—aka teams that no one expects…

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The top plays in the NFL last season according to Madden NFL 17

 ▪  Every NFL season there are always a handful of plays that defy reality, and now Madden NFL 17 has selected the top five from last season using the game’s powerful Ignite Engine. Courtesy of the official NFL Twitter account, it…

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Madden season begins today for Xbox One owners with digital download

 ▪  The wait is finally over for Madden NFL fans with an Xbox One waiting to get their hands on the latest edition of the sports franchise! Purchase a digital download copy of Madden NFL 17 for Xbox One before August…

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How Xbox One owners can play Madden NFL 17 early

 ▪  Get a head start on building your Madden Ultimate Team It’s Madden season and chances are that NFL fans can’t wait to get their hands on the latest edition of the game. Luckily, thanks to, Xbox One owners can…

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