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Oxford English Dictionary adds new tech terms

 ▪  Now your kids can tell YOU to look it up in the dictionary when you aren’t sure what some tech term is:  today, the Oxford English Dictionary (a.k.a. the OED – the online version of it, anyway) has added a…

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Top five reasons to get a fitness tracker

 ▪  Sometimes it is difficult to get started on the path of a healthier lifestyle and to know what that looks like. How much should I eat? How does exercise help? How does sleep fit in to all this? Setting up…

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Roundup: Smart technology is going to the dogs (and cats)

 ▪  Years ago I remember reading about some guy in Germany who had strapped a small camera to his cat’s collar and set it to take photos periodically so he could learn more about the cat’s day – what resulted were…

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Setting the electronic nanny on your Android device

 ▪  How many times have you heard “Mom, can I use your tablet?”, only to lose access to it for the next few hours while your kids play games and such. Ah, the modern family. Most of the time, you probably…

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Back to school special: Easily watch your kids while you work

 ▪  If you work from home, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of the kids and stay productive. Luckily, you don’t have to choose. Have you considered using a few easy-to-install home security tools to watch your…

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